The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

If there is a book that make the most significant change in the way I do things, this is the one. This is a book that changed the way I design and conduct my presentation. As the author, Carmine Gallo has successfully sucked in the essences that made all Steve’s presentation mind blowing, translated them into chewable bits, and then mixed them altogether into a kind of concise and easy to follow “how to” manual. For his great job I think Carmine deserves as much praise as Steve himself. Continue Reading →

04. September 2012 by adiarifin
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All Business is Local

It is a bit counter-intuitive, but something counter-intuitive is as usual mind-provoking. So it is quite easy to guess that the reason I had in choosing to buy this book was because my mind was provoked by its counter-intuitive title. But this time, being mind-provoked was not an embarasment at all. Continue Reading →

28. June 2012 by adiarifin
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Likeable Social Media

I was quite serious in social media world in its early inception, not because I am a kind of sociable person but because I was coaching websites to the top board if search engine and at that time links from social media conversation brought valuable link juice. Both worlds have significantly evolved as well as how we can take benefits on them. Meanwhile my professional path has also changed and lately I do net see that social media has any relevance whatsoever. Continue Reading →

08. June 2012 by adiarifin
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Selling the Invisible

The book drew my attention by its title. I completely realized that selling physical products that consumers can see, touch, even try has been always a challenging job. Selling something invisible was therefore absolutely a lot harder as all you your customers get when making their buying decision is imagination. Sometimes you could give them series of reliable data to support their decision. But even in a rare occasion when reliable data was provided, in almost all cases the customers made their decision with sea of doubt in their mind. Continue Reading →

14. May 2012 by adiarifin
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Search Inside Yourself

Finding this book was just like most enlightenment moments, by coincidence. Finding nothing interesting in the bookstore I returned to a few titles I spotted once spotted but decided to buy later. Reminded me of the way I shop by the way … when I noticed something interesting but decided to return later on … then most possibly I would never took it even if I went back to the same shop a hundred times. Continue Reading →

21. April 2012 by adiarifin
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What Would Steve Jobs Do?

I spotted the book featured in Amazon months before it came to the market and instead of making a pre-order at Amazon I decided to do it at a local bookstore. Something that attracted me about this particular book was a combination of Steve Jobs as a controversial yet hugely successful business leader in one side and a writing style similar to What Would Google Do? I read months or possibly a year ago or so. I stood in front of the bookstore the minute after I got an email notifying its arrival. Continue Reading →

19. April 2012 by adiarifin
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No such Thing as Can’t

There were many emotional connection that made me grab this book as soon as I saw it. Seeing a book with Indonesian author in an international bookstore is just as rare as seeing a fish walking, and the author, Dahlan Iskan is today’s most talked about figure in Indonesia, maybe even more popular than President Yudhoyono himself. Secondly, the book is a biography of Karmaka Surjaudaja of Bank NISP. Continue Reading →

28. March 2012 by adiarifin
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Seems like it is a mega best seller of all time. I have been seeing enormous amount of praises, tons of incredible reviews, featured in many blogs and books, cited in many publications, and still enjoying prominent spot on the shelve of major bookstores. Glanced into it every time I enter a bookstore anywhere over the globe, sometimes grabbed and ran through the covers, but never really bought it until a few weeks back. Continue Reading →

17. March 2012 by adiarifin
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Start With Why

I do not know why I took this book when I saw it. The title was so so, the cover design looked more like failed bestseller wannabe, and and a bubble saying “with a new preface and afterword” declared that it was an old book. I guess I had a cynical grin in my face when seeing that silly bubble. If you have read it, would you buy and read again just for those new preface and afterword? If you haven’t read it, just like me, then you would loose your interest thinking that it should be an old an outdated book, and new preface and afterword definitely would not make the whole brand new idea. Continue Reading →

13. March 2012 by adiarifin
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The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Being fans of Sharms’s book for more than a decade, it is a delight to see this one at the front shelf of a book shop. It has been about two years since the last book I read The Leader Who Had No Title. So it was a no brainer choice to take the book. Among the shortest bookstore visits I had.

As his previous books, here Sharma’s presents life wisdoms in an enchanting story about a young executive who was so drawn into his career that he forgot anything else in his life, his wife that he loves, his little kid, his mother who has just lost her beloved husband, even the happiness of himself. Then Julian Mantle, the monk who sold his Ferrari who happened to be his family relative jumps in to help by sending him to a long journey across the globe where he can get away from his work and learn some essential life wisdoms Continue Reading →

06. March 2012 by adiarifin
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